my avatar, a simple three line smiley face why is this site so ugly?

Are you, by any chance, using Chrome?

Thank you for asking. If you experience a black background with highly saturated blue links, you are probably using a chromium based browser. For some reason, those are the default colors for dark mode on chrome.

Maybe you already have Firefox installed, if so, feel free to open my page in Firefox and look at the difference. I feel like there was some thought put into the decision of the default dark mode colors in Firefox. I cannot say the same for Chrome.

I can only recommend Firefox as a web browser. It works great on desktop and mobile, is getting really close to Chrome performance, won't implement DRM bullshit, doesn't limit your ad-blocker, doesn't audit your bookmarks.

Do I plan on "fixing" my website on Chrome? No. Because my website isn't broken, Chrome is.

I am using Firefox and your website is still ugly!

I am sorry that you don't enjoy the style I chose for my website. To be fair, it is different from most other websites and fairly minimal.

But, it does something not every website does: It respects your choice of preferred font, and, if you enable Settings→General→Language and Appearance→Colors→Manage Colors...→Use system colors, my website automagically fits your system theme! How cool is that?