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Here you'll find some more information about some of my projects.


A picture of myself wearing my custom wrist watch. It's displaying the current time using four red seven segment displays.
A picture of myself wearing my custom wrist watch.

Starting September of 2020, I began working on my own wrist watch in my free time. It was like a challenge: Can I build my own little gadget completely from scratch, with just the knowledge I obtained through my previous education in electrical engineering?

It all began with choosing some components, drawing the schematics and PCB, sending the files to the manufacturer of my choice and finally soldering everything together. As a final step, I designed a 3D-printed case and knotted a wrist band and assembled the product. In total, I had to design one minor and one major revision. The last and final version works very good and I use it pretty much daily since January of 2021.

Of course, there are things I'd like to improve, but honestly, the watch is good enough that I just didn't have the urge to design another one. If I do want to have another go at it, I'd improve the following things:

If you want to check out the source files of my wrist watch, feel free to have a look at the github repository. I consider this project finished.


A screenshot of the entrance of a Minecraft cave. Theere are green, orange and red overlays visible. The color corresponds to the light level of the block.
A screenshot of the entrance of a Minecraft cave with Lighty enabled.

While playing Minecraft with my friends, we needed a light overlay mod. The usual suspects were either not ported to the Minecraft version we played on, or crashed with the modpack we were playing at the time. So, I began work on Lighty, the light overlay mod with a twist!

Lighty currently has over 70 000 downloads on modrinth, which is kinda crazy. It probably is my most successful project at the moment. Many thanks to everybody who uses Lighty!

But wait, there's more!

For a more or less complete list of my work, feel free to check my GitHub profile and my own git server.