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Here you can find some ideas I had. You are free to take those ideas and make whatever you want from them. Free of charge, no strings attached. If something on this page inspires you to do some stuff, just do it!

If you want to, you can send an E-Mail to if you made something based on any of these ideas and I'll add a little link to it.

Minecraft Mod: Biome Eye of Ender

December 2022

Like a Biome Compass, but based on Eye of Ender. Craft the Eye of Ender together with some material associated with the targeted biome and throw it. Finding the biome works like finding a stronghold.

Minecraft Mod: Teleportation

December 2022

Waystones are great and all, but in my opinion, they are way too cheap to craft and use. Building some bigger multi-block structures that require some kind of refined fuel (maybe ender pearls in a brewing stand?) could be a cool way to teleport.

Minecraft Mod: Chunk loading

2nd of January 2023

Just clicking on some map to load chunks is lame. Building some multi-block structure brings another element of difficulty and thought to chunk loading.

Minecraft Mod: Deeper Oceans

3rd of January 2023

More deap sea mobs other than just glowsquids, deeper trenches. Deap sea mobs may be passive, no need for them to be agressive.

Minecraft Mod: Chocolate

5th of January 2023

I know there are some chocolate mods, but hey, another one wouldn't hurt. Fermenting cocoa beans etc.

Game: Tamagotchi x FireEmblem

7th of January 2023

Raising your Tamagotchi and then putting them to fight another player's Tamagotchi in a FireEmblem kinda style.

Software: File Sharing Software

8th of January 2023

Somehow, all file sharing software you can self-host is either complex, bad at its job or ugly. The goal would be something simple and good looking, just to share some files.

Software: Todo List

14th of January 2023

You know, todo lists are everywhere, because every other "getting started with programming language x" tutorial makes the same old boring version of a "todo list" that's more like a checklist. Making a good todo list is difficult. Restraining the user may be the way to go, think of kanban or the bento-box-method. There are even more methodologies one could explore.

Hardware: Low latency audio recorder/playback

15th of January 2023

Maybe something small, pen shaped, headphone jack, maybe mic jack, maybe with an integrated mic. Could be used for making loop-like music (recording over previous recordings), or recording voice memos.

Hardware: Wireless

15th of January 2023

The formfactor of the intrigued me ever since I've heard of it. I think that creating a bluetooth version of this would be a really cool little silly gadget for typing on the go.

Software: Fav 3D-Prints webpage

15th of January 2023

Because thingiverse sucks.

Software: Money Manager

23rd of January 2023

I use a spreadsheet for that, but something more specific could work really great. Automatically doing some maths, projections, maybe scanning of recipes, entering recurring monthly payments, tracking borrowed money.

Hardware: Pomodoro thingy

18th of Februray 2023

With a big rotary encoder for setting the time, 7-segment displays, maybe a buzzer.

Hardware: Audio Switch

5th of June 2023

One audio input, two or more audio outputs. Because software audio device switching sucks.